A fourth break of service in surgery to Maniwaki

 Un quatrième bris de service en chirurgie à Maniwaki

The Hospital in Maniwaki is faced with a new break in service in surgery, the fourth to occur since mid-November.

The integrated Centre of health and social services for the Outaouais region (CISSSO) has announced that there will be no specialist in general surgery in Maniwaki as of 8 am Thursday morning, and until 17h on Sunday.

“This break in service unexpected is caused by the sickness absence of a doctor, said the organization. […] The cases of trauma are referred to the Hospital of Mont-Laurier.”

The rest of the activities in the operating room Maniwaki – in orthopaedics and gynaecology, for example – may continue to be made during the breaks of service in general surgery.

As was the case during previous break in service, the CISSSO affirms that “the recruitment activities are already underway” to find a buyer for the vacant position in general surgery.

“We have a track, fingers crossed and hope that it will work,” said the spokesman of the CISSSO, Patricia Rheaume.

At the present time, the next hole in the schedule of childcare services in general surgery at the Hospital in Maniwaki appears in February. The organization hopes to find a new surgeon willing to take up the position quickly.

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