A lawyer Rockland suspected of fraud

Un avocat de Rockland suspecté de fraude

Images on the social networks showing Stéphane Langlois under the sun of the dominican Republic are strongly react. The lawyer of Rockland, whose licence has been suspended there are more than two years, is the subject of an investigation for allegedly stolen between 3.5 and $ 4 million in trust to its clients.

In August 2016, employees in the office of mr. Langlois have contacted the law society of Ontario so that they do the survey on the state of the trust accounts of the firm.

At the hearing of the Bar, an investigator presented evidence that would demonstrate that the accounts, which would have had to hold close to $ 4 million in trust of more than twenty customers had rather 220 000 $. The law society of Ontario was then immediately suspended the license of Mr. Langlois.

In the petition filed by the Bar at the time, it was learned that Stéphane Langlois was reported to have admitted to the investigator from the Bar association that he had spent approximately one million dollars of a trust fund ” for his personal use and for the general expenses of his or her law firm “.

The partners of the law firm of Charron and Langlois had, therefore, taken the decision to disband the name and forming a new entity : the firm Charron, Pestle, and Saved.

Two years later, the investigation of the Ontario provincial police (OPP) is still in progress, and Mr. Langlois operates a restaurant in Punta Cana.

The investigator of the unit’s anti-fraud PPO, André Duval, know that this type of investigation is complicated. “This is more complex because it is necessary to reach all victims. All of the funds that the clients have brought are in a single bank account, so the money of everyone is mixed. It is necessary to determine what money is to that. “

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Canada and the dominican Republic have not heard of bilateral extradition. However, despite the frustration of the alleged victims, Mr. Duval says that he acted according to his rights by leaving the country. “If it issues an arrest warrant across Canada, it is sure that it complicates things when the person is out of the country. There have been cases in the past and I can assure you that the police are going to cooperate, even if there is no agreement. “

In the meantime, Mr. Langlois lives abroad with his new wife.

It is also the subject of an article with advertising in the publication, Best of Punta Cana, which is in praise of his mode of life of a mother and owner of the new restaurant, The Loft.

“We wanted to create a place with a nice atmosphere. A place not only for tourists but also for local residents “, she says in the article.

In addition to this new restaurant, we also learn in the text that the wife of Mr. Langlois also manages a travel agency.

Stéphane Langlois had not returned requests for interviews at the time of going to press.


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