A220: savings for each aircraft built

A220: des économies pour chaque avion construit

While Airbus continues to increase its footprint in Mirabel, the aircraft manufacturer considers the reduction of production costs for each aircraft A220 from its assembly line must be well above 10 %.

Majority shareholder since 1 July, the european giant took advantage of a press event, Monday, in Laurentides, in the context of a north american tour of its different sites, to once again reiterate one of its main objectives.

“We still have a lot of bread on the board, said the director of the program A220, Philippe Balducchi. It is clear that this is a challenge.”

A significant part of these reductions will come from the supply chain program A220, since the european giant clamps to the suppliers and negotiating with them to get price reductions.

At the same time, the improvement of productivity in the context of the acceleration of the production rate should also lower costs.

“We believe (the drop target) is more or less US $ 3 million per aircraft,” said analyst Benoit Poirier, Desjardins capital Markets, in a note sent by e-mail.

In the hope to speed things up, the european giant has decided to assign the A220 10 of his employees made a contribution in the framework of the ramp-up of production of the A350 program.

Last year, the number of deliveries has almost doubled, while 33 devices A220 have been delivered to clients, 13 for Bombardier and 20 by Airbus. The european giant has not yet announced its target for 2019.

Airbus, which does not provide the aircraft configuration of 160 seats, currently has 537 firm orders for the device from 19 customers.

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In an interview with The canadian Press, Mr. Balducchi explained that it would take at least two or three years to be able to significantly reduce the cost of the program.

“Is it going fast enough? It never goes fast enough, he said. We are not late, but we are not in advance. I would say that we are on our path.”

Among the suppliers who experienced difficulties, the leaders of Airbus have appointed Zodiac Aerospace, responsible for the interior finishing of the A220.

The tour organized by the european giant will end on Wednesday, at Mobile, Alabama, then we should proceed with the launch of the work of the assembly line american for the A220. Bombardier is expected to invest approximately US $ 300 million in this project.

The multinational company has already started to display offers of jobs, while 400 to 500 people are expected to work on this new line.

Meanwhile, the partnership involving Airbus, Bombardier and the government of Quebec has confirmed investment of US $ 30 million to add to the spring of new domes to house aircraft. In the fourth quarter, a new centre for delivery should also see the update on the site.


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