After two fatal accidents, the ski resorts are launching a call for caution

Après deux accidents mortels, les stations de ski lancent un appel à la prudence

After two fatal accidents in the space of a few days, the Association des stations de ski du Québec invites winter sports enthusiasts to exercise caution.

The spokesperson of the ASSQ, Josée Cusson, says that the industry is “very saddened” by the deaths of two young athletes on the slopes this week, but refrained to comment further, citing ongoing police investigations.

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“What is important is to assert the safety of our sport,” said Ms. Cusson in a telephone interview with The canadian Press.

She noted that patrollers already ensure the compliance with the “Code of conduct in the mountains” by removing the tickets from the ski contrevenenants.

The ASSQ will begin in two weeks his tour of annual awareness among skiers and snowboarders in 15 ski resorts of the province.

Its board of directors will meet this week “to see if we can do more,” added Ms. Cusson.

The “Code of conduct in the mountains” establishes in particular the rules of priority on the tracks and it has the golden rule, the control of its speed and its direction.

A man of 22 years lost his life on Friday after being severely injured in a snow park, located in Hébertville, Lac-Saint-Jean. The young skateboarder had attempted to make a jump without a helmet – a piece of equipment mandatory across the province of Quebec since 2007.

Two days earlier, a 15 year old girl is dead after falling from a chairlift at the ski resort le Mont-Video, Barraute, in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

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According to the Sûreté du Québec, the girl and her friend would be voluntarily thrown out of the chairlift before their arrival at the summit in order to try a “glide special”. The manoeuvre would have been successful by the girlfriend, but the victim would have unfortunately jumped on a rock that was covered in snow.


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