“As with the eyes of a child”

«Comme avec les yeux d’un enfant»

The general director of the canadian Foundation for the dialogue of cultures Guy Matte has just launched the 21st Rendez-vous de la Francophonie (RVF). In this 50th anniversary of the adoption of the official languages in the country, “a new look” will be thrown on the French language, as ” with the eyes of a child “.

This is the singer-songwriter Caroline Savoie and the olympic champion of figure skating Patrick Chan, who will be the door banners this month’s jam-packed full of events.

A native of New Brunswick, Caroline Savoie is on a mission to prove the vitality of the French language in Canada. “My goal is to be a figure, to show that I am one among many who still speak French. Especially with the current context, as our first minister Blaine Higgs) that combines groups that are not in favour of bilingualism. It is a right that we won, so for me, it is to say that we are still here, and that one is not ready to leave. “

The francophonie in new brunswick has taken a hit, at the election of the prime minister, progressive conservative Blaine Higgs. Last December, his government has reduced the funding of the Games of the Francophonie in Moncton-Dieppe, and is currently studying the possibility to cancel completely the event on its territory.

On the side of Ontario, the francophone community has recently seen its culture threatened by the many budget cuts, like those imposed on The New Stage at the University of Ontario French and the office of the Commissioner of official languages, among others.

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The member of parliament for Ottawa-Vanier, Mona Fortier, wishes to emphasise the importance of demonstrating the value of linguistic duality, to the various governments. “We really need to maintain this dialogue with the provincial governments, who are more timid, and who do not see all the added value of bilingualism and the francophone and acadian communities, which do not strengthen our country. “

Member of the standing committee on official languages, Ms. Fortier says that the Trudeau government is currently looking at ways to redo a beauty to the official languages Act, 50-year-old. “We are at a point where there has been a lot of advancement and there, it is time to modernize it thoroughly. “

The Appointments are going well

Director-general of the event, Guy Matte says that the RVF see a growing prosperity, even after 21 years of existence. “What makes me proud, it is the increase in each year of the impact the Appointment may have in the communities. At the level of the number of activities is constantly growing, the number of participation in the contest, in French as in English. It is made that there is a larger increase in the number of English speakers who participate in the contest. It is an event that brings together the two official language communities. “

Several English-language schools and French immersion participate in the RVF, note Ms. Fortier.

The national Week of the francophonie will also be held in the framework of the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie, which will take place from 1 to 31 march.

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During this month of celebrations francophones, many of the activities are to be expected across the country : tour of comedy shows, screenings of French language films selected by the national film board of Canada (NFB), and several contests for participants of all ages.


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