Bankruptcy of the company, Caroline Néron, no consequences for OLA Bamboo

Faillite de l'entreprise de Caroline Néron, pas de conséquences pour OLA Bamboo

The young gatineau company OLA Bamboo is not affected by the financial problems of his ex-strap Caroline Néron, who offered him mentorship, and contributed to its success after her appearance in the show In the eye of the Dragon, in the spring of 2017.

The business woman well known, that still to this day is a minority shareholder of the company of environmentally-friendly products held by the trio made up of Vicky Jodry, Jean-Philippe Bergeron, and Simon-Pier Ouellet, had been seduced from the start by the toothbrushes out of bamboo.

On its website, the gatineau company that has the wind in its sails since that time there is a reference saying that one has ” met the woman who would become [their] partner, mentor, friend : the businesswoman Caroline Néron. […] Work with Caroline Néron [the] push to go further and push the boundaries. “

“It is always flat to see that it’s not going well for a contractor, we think that’s a shame. But it does not affect us, because we are two different entities. Otherwise, we do not want too much to comment on. […] It does not change our opinion towards it, it is a person that we greatly appreciate. It has helped us a lot, whether for mentoring, marketing, or videos. It has often been encountered. And yes, it is a shareholder, but it is we who hold despite everything, the majority of the shares, ” says dr. Jodry.

In a video released last year to the popular Radio-Canada, the three young entrepreneurs said that their turnover had increased from 30 000 to 650 000 $ in the space of a year.

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Let’s remind that the company of Caroline Néron has announced on Thursday that it was placed under the protection of the bankruptcy and insolvency act.

OLA Bamboo currently offers its products in approximately 1,500 points of sale, mainly in Quebec. The company is present on the shelves of large pharmacy chains such as Jean Coutu, Uniprix, Familiprix and Brunet.

The company is doing so well that the three entrepreneurs have decided to leave their respective job to fully devote himself to writing.

“It’s going really well, we are happy and we continue to work hard. We are all three full-time on the company since this week. The objective for the next year is to continue our development in Québec, but also make a breakthrough in the market of Canada is English. There are large chains of shops where you would like to be present, ” she said.

OLA Bamboo, which sells, amongst other toothbrushes bamboo, straw, bamboo, wood utensils compostable and cleansing pads reusable claims to be in the process of developing new products.



The fate of the shop Gatineau is not yet known

Ignoring for the moment if the store of bijoux Caroline Néron Promenades Gatineau, the only one in the Outaouais region, will be part of the nine that the company plans to close as part of its restructuring, which will result in the dismissal of sixty employees.

Through the public relations firm National, the company has indicated that the location of the stores that will be closed is not yet known at this stage. The decision will be announced in the coming weeks, we’re told.

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The director-general of the Promenades Gatineau, Francis Vermette, hope that the company “will keep its offer” in Gatineau, adding that it is “a beautiful product”. It confirms that the centre has received a notice of intent on the part of the tenant.

The company expects to file a proposal in bankruptcy, including the cancellation of eight commercial leases.


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