Break down the stigma surrounding Alzheimer’s

Abattre les stigmates entourant l’Alzheimer

Danielle Sharpe was 61 years old when she received her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. If his family is crying out of the doctor’s office, she decided not to get overwhelmed. “I’m leaving the office, I started to walk at a rapid pace, I looked at the beautiful blue sky and I decided that I was going to continue to live. ”

Ms. Sharpe continues to go to the cinema, going out with friends and family, dancing… ” I love to live and smile. This is me, ” she says.

Of course, the disease has had repercussions in his life. For example, the loss of his driver’s license was a difficult time. But she found the strength to overcome this ordeal.

“I am well surrounded, I have several friends and a beautiful family that helps me out a lot. But I believe that the force is in me simply, ” admits Ms. Sharpe.

To break down the stigma and change public attitudes surrounding the disease, the cognitive, the Sherbrooke has agreed to be the ambassador townships of the campaign, ” Yes. I live with Alzheimer’s. Let me help you to understand, ” launched by the Alzheimer Society then that is the awareness month for this disease.

For the occasion, a national awareness campaign has also been launched, emphasizes Emily Lefort, communications advisor of the Society of the Alzheimer de l’estrie (SAE).

“A web portal has just been launched at the following address : There are stories of several people living with the disease to show that people can continue to live a beautiful life in spite of Alzheimer’s disease “, said Ms. Lefort.

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Strong of its success in the past year, the CAS has decided to present a second edition of its seminar on Alzheimer’s disease for the staff of the health care community. Organized under the theme ” The power to make a difference in the lives of those affected “, the event aims to empower health professionals in their work with patients suffering from neurocognitive disorders. The conference will focus on various aspects of the disease, whose knowledge of the science, the living environment of the person and of human relationships.

The symposium will be held at the Club de golf de Sherbrooke on January 29. People interested in the event can register online through the website of the Society of the Alzheimer de l’estrie.

“There are still a few places,” says Ms. Lefort.


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