Bus Accident in Ottawa: families in search of answers

Accident d'autobus à Ottawa: des familles en quête de réponses

Some residents have moved to the seniors Centre Churchill in Ottawa on Friday night in quest of information concerning the state of health of their loved ones involved in the bus accident.

This is the case of Mary Hawkeye who was without news of his son 26 years since the accident.

“I’m here to see if our son was in the bus. We tried to call all afternoon, but it falls directly on his voicemail. He lives in downtown and we have reason to believe that he would have been able to be in the bus at the time of the accident. ”

After having spent the afternoon under intense stress, Ms. Hawkeye acknowledges that the last few hours have been extremely difficult for her and her family. “It is very chaotic at this time. We are without answers to our questions. It is very scary. ”

Fortunately, a few minutes later, Ms. Hawkeye learns that his son is safe and sound. “We are so relieved to learn that it is doing well. We still don’t know if it was in the bus or not, but at least we know that it is except. ”

Ms. Hawkeye wants to offer his support to families who are in a situation such as hers. “I pray for these families that have to pass through these difficult times. All those who know someone who was on this bus, I feel their pain. “

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