Cows stolen found it in an auction

Des vaches volées retrouvées dans une vente aux enchères

Three of the 16 cows stolen in September to be Farm to High in Quebec, were found a week later in an auction of livestock in Vankleek Hill, Ontario. The police have arrested two people, and they will be accused of theft and of having caused injury to an animal.

The harms have been reported for the first time at the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) to Ferme-Neuve in the upper Laurentians, September 19. Sixteen cows had then been reported stolen by the owner.

The provincial Police Hawkesbury (OPP) was informed of the flight seven days later, while three of these cows had been brought to the sale at auction of livestock of Vankleek Hill in eastern ontario.

A thorough investigation led the OPP to discover the cattle in the beginning of November, in a property located on the route Aberdeen, in the township of North Glengarry. Ten cows additional belonging to the owner of Ferme-Neuve have been recovered. In all, 13 of his cows is estimated at more than $ 26,000 in him have been returned.

“It has been determined that a pasture had been rented for the stolen livestock and that the animals had been neglected and had lost a lot of weight,” said the OPP in a press release.

Jean-Phillip Dion, 34 years old, and Sylvianne Bordeleaux, 53-year-old, both from Hawkesbury-Is, were arrested at the beginning of the month of December for possession of property by crime in excess of 5 000 $. Two charges were also brought against Jean-Phillip Dion for having caused injury to an animal, and for failing to provide food, water, care and proper shelter.

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They have both been released and are to appear in front of the palace of justice in L’orignal, on January 30, 2019.

Three cows bearing the mark ” IJ ” stamped on the back are still missing.

The provincial Police Hawkesbury continues the investigation and request the assistance of the public to find the cows missing.


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