Day of fiesta in Red and Black

Journée de fiesta chez le Rouge et Noir

It was a Monday morning, busy in the Red and Black that has selected three players mexican in a last chance special of the CFL in addition to ensure the return of a member for the first time within the offensive line.

The finalists in the Grey cup have announced the signing of Nolan MacMillan for a sixth season. The guard 6’6’ and 294 pounds, was the first player to become a member of the organization in 2013.

“It is here since our beginnings. This is a guy who has maintained a high level of play when it has been able to stay on the field, ” said general manager Marcel Desjardins.

This is the dilemma with the number 66 a native of Arnprior. It is good. But it has also often been injured.

In the past year, MacMillan has missed nine parts. He had played seven and 11 matches respectively in 2016 and 2017.

To say that the veteran had started the first 36 games of the history of the Red and Black before the injuries begin to catch up during the year 3.

“This is a guy quiet, but it is a leader. This is also a guy who can be unpleasant for the other team on the field. He is not afraid to go into the fray. ”

The other three members of the offensive line remain without a contract for next season. This is the case of Jason Lauzon-Séguin, who has lost his position as a blocker in the fall.

“Ideally, we would like to bring it back. We have demonstrated in the past to what point we attach the importance to have several good canadian players within the offensive line. You can never have enough of them. ”

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Desjardins was Monday Instead of TD. He has not made the trip to the south in preparation for the first draft of players mexicans in the history of the CFL. The Red and Black was represented by head coach Rick Campbell and his deputy, Jaime Elizondo. He chose the kicker Jose Carlos Maltos with the second choice in total.

He has already tried his luck without success in the NFL in 2015, scoring a try in the Saints of New Orleans. This will be his second stay in Canada, having participated in the training camp of the Lions of British Columbia, last spring.

The selection of the recipient Guillermo Alberto Villalobos has caught the attention in the second round. This player makes up his face like the old wrestler “Ultimate Warrior” in matches of the Liga de Futbol Americano Profesional (LFA), the equivalent circuit semi-pro.

The tackler Maximiliano Soto Esquer, 25, was the last choice of the Red and Black. He was not able to arrive on the scene to retrieve his cap from the team. He came late to the session of the consolation bracket…

Remains to be seen if these three hopes mexicans will be able to battle to players in north america next may. “I think there’s a strong chance that one or two of these players come to our training camp. Then, the question will be to see how they will fend for themselves, ” said Desjardins.

“I don’t have expectations, one way or another… We will see. “


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