Emergency Saint-André-Avellin : Lacombe is considering other avenues

Urgence de Saint-André-Avellin : Lacombe envisage d’autres avenues

The addition of two doctors to allow the extended opening hours of the emergency at the CLSC Petite-Nation, St-André-Avellin, perhaps not the “miracle solution” to improve the supply of health services in this sector of the Outaouais region.

This is what was suggested by the member of parliament for Papineau, minister of Families and minister responsible for the Outaouais region, Mathieu Lacombe, in interview editorial with The Right.

While reiterating the commitment he made during the election campaign to attract “as quickly as possible,” the two doctors are missing in the goal of increasing the number of opening hours of the facility from 52 to 84 per week, Mr. Lacombe argues that other scenarios could be the subject of an analysis in order to ensure a “model” optimal health care in the Petite-Nation.

“The important thing in this folder then it is to be pragmatic. […] I must admit very candidly that after making this promise, on the ground, including going to speak directly with the people and the doctors present to the emergency department, I realized that this was perhaps not the miracle solution. There are other proposals that have been made, that I find interesting and valid, and which deserve to be studied, ” says M. Lacombe, without wanting to specify, for the time being, the exact nature of the proposals in question.

Is it that the addition of a nurse practitioner on-site is among the options on the table ? Mathieu Lacombe has not wanted to pronounce itself on the question, but it does not close the door to any avenue.

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“What is important, it is to provide a service. […] It is not necessary to rule out any scenario, ” he says.

No question for the mp to give a timeline on the addition of the seventh day to the emergency room at the CLSC of Saint-André-Avellin. At this time, patients can attend Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 16 pm, and Saturday, from 9 h to 16 h. ” If we can do it [in 2019], I would like it to be done, but in a folder like this, so I can’t give a due date. […] The idea is not just to make an X next to the campaign promise and say that it’s done. […] I want to ensure that we have the best solution possible. If it is to pick up two doctors, I have committed myself to go and do the crane kick myself if it is necessary to convince them to come settle in the region, ” he says.

Attract the physician workforce in rural areas remains difficult, ” acknowledges Mr Lacombe. “Because it is a challenge. Often, the people who come to settle in Saint-André-Avellin, in the region, they are not the same doctors. The physicians of the city are used to a slower pace of life a lot more demanding. When they go to settle in the region, they often make this choice-there to have a rhythm of working a bit slower. Saint-André-Avellin, it is as if we had need of the same service in the city. The challenge is there, ” says the member of parliament for Papineau.

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Remember that the former liberal Health minister, Gaétan Barrette, was announced in September 2017 the granting of an annual budget recurrent 940 000 $ for the integrated Centre of health and social services for the Outaouais region (CISSSO). This money should enable the opening of the emergency at the CLSC de la Petite-Nation at the rate of 7 days per week, 12 hours per day, provided that the additional staff to provide the medical services to be hired. The subject does not date from yesterday. The former liberal mp of Papineau, Alexandre Iracà, had promised in April 2014 that the hourly range the location would be doubled before the end of his four-year term.

With Justine Mercier, The Right


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