Fleury could face a lawsuit

Fleury pourrait faire face à une poursuite

The owner of the hotel Ottawa Inn considers itself a victim of harassment on the part of the municipal councillor of the area, Mathieu Fleury and is considering legal action. Ahmed Syed is considering the possibility of filing a harassment complaint or start a lawsuit against the elected official.

“Mr. Fleury creates problems with the Ottawa Inn and interferes in the private relations. Mr. Syed considers all options, including those that are legal against Mr. Fleury. There are people who come to take pictures on the properties of Mr Syed and when we asked them what they were doing they explained that it was Mr. Fleury who sent them. You have a lot of concerns about the activities of Mr. Fleury, ” says Serge Buy, a spokesman for the hotel owner.

Mr. Syed was to respond to the comments made by the adviser regarding the units, outside of his hotel, which he leased to the City of Ottawa for homeless families for the sum of $ 110 per night.

“The City has a program to put people in temporary housing, emergency, and these people are in hotel rooms throughout the city of Ottawa. They are sometimes four, five or six in a small hotel room. Mr. Syed is inhumane to put families in small rooms. He bought small houses and has fully cleaned up and renovated into apartments of two, three or four rooms, for those families at the same cost as a hotel room. They may as well have a life of temporary family, ” said Mr. Buy.

The owner of the 215 Montreal road refutes the allegations of Mr. Fleury, who estimates that the city loses money by hosting the families in the units of Mr Syed.

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In an e-mail, which The Right has obtained a copy, the program manager for the homeless and hosting services wrote : “we believe that the agreement with the Ottawa Inn has allowed us to save $ 800,000 in 2015, as many families require two motel rooms at an average cost of $ 220 per night. When they remain on the avenue Tabor, it costs us $ 100 per night “.

Concerning the possible investigation by the office of the auditor-general, the spokesman of the businessman recalled that the VG does not fall within the subject matter of his investigations. He added that Ahmed Syed has contacted Ken Hughes to offer him her cooperation.

Councillor of Rideau Vanier’s view that the City should give preference to the program of rent supplement in the case of units rented from Mr. Syed since they are apartments and not hotel rooms.

“Mr. Fleury seems to want social housing in its district. There are certainly ample opportunities to do that, said M. Buy. But the model of Mr. Syed and the Ottawa Inn is to manage a hotel and not social housing. The difference is simple, the services are much higher in a hotel than in social housing. In addition, the shelters are temporary, what works in the model of Mr. Syed. “


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