It will take 202 years to reach professional parity between women and men

Il faudra attendre 202 ans pour atteindre la parité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes

TORONTO – Canada occupies the 16th place in the annual ranking of the world economic Forum on the disparities between the genders.

This is the second year that Canada ranks 16th on the list of international organizations, which measures the gap of economic, educational, health and political observed between men and women in more than 100 countries of the world.

Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland took the first places, but Canada has better ranking than Latvia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Switzerland, and dozens of other countries.

Pay equity, Canada was ranked 50th, behind the United States, Germany, Thailand, Uganda and Ukraine. The organization noted “modest improvements this year for several indicators of equality between men and women” in Canada.

Within the G20 countries, Canada is surpassed by that of France (12th position), Germany (14th) and the United Kingdom (15th position). The United States fell two spots and are now in the 51st position.

The world economic Forum stated that the gap between the genders in the world had decreased slightly this year, after being dug for the first time in ten years last year.

The organization calculates that, with the rate of change of current, it will take 108 years to fill completely the inequalities between the sexes in the areas of policy, labour, health and education at the current pace, but 202 years to reach professional parity.

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