Magazines education franco-ontarians are saved

Les magazines éducatifs franco-ontariens sont sauvés

TORONTO — The only magazines educational for students of franco-ontarians are brought back to life. After the announcement of their death in November, the Centre franco-ontarien de ressources pédagogiques (CFORP) confirms that the government has allocated the funds necessary for their continuation, at least until the end of the school year.

“The money will go back in a few days. The message we received is that the department of Education has worked very hard on his analysis, and at the end of December, the department decided to go forward with all projects of CFORP, including the magazines, ” says Claude Deschamps, director, CFORP.

The news came this week, two months after the announcement of their abolition.

Their funding suspended, in the fall, had signed their death warrant.

“The ministry had decided to put the project in abeyance and this is what we have done. I couldn’t continue to do the work and publish magazines without response, and without the necessary money, ” says Mr. Deschamps.

Minimag, My Mag with me and Quad9 will be printed in the next few days and distributed in class in a few days. This number was to be published in November.

To read the article from Etienne Fortin-Gauthier in its entirety, visit the Web site of#ONfr.

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