No cuts in employees of the SQDC, but fewer hours

Pas de coupes chez les employés de la SQDC, mais moins d'heures

Unlike its counterpart in New Brunswick, the quebec Society of cannabis (SQDC) does not have the intention, “for the moment”, to make cuts in its staff. However, some workers have seen a drop in their number of hours worked in the last few months.

On Thursday, Cannabis, NB has announced the layoff of seasonal employees, part-time and full-time across its network. The number of people affected has not been revealed. In a text to The canadian Press, the Crown corporation gives as an explanation the fact that she can now better assess its needs in manpower.

On the side of the SQDC, the management refuses to say how many people now work for the Crown corporation. It ensures, however, have not realized of layoffs in connection with its challenges to supply.

“This is not something that we are considering,” wrote in an e-mail to the spokesperson, Fabrice Giguère. “For the moment, we do not envisage a revision of our organizational structure in addition to the growth of our workforce that will come with the growth potential of our network,” he continued.

Initially, it would have been between fifteen and twenty employees per point of sale.

According to the union of Workers of the united food and commercial (UFCW), which represents the branches of the SQDC Rosemont, Montreal, and Rimouski, as some employees have been affected by the decision in October to reduce the opening hours of branches to four days per week, from Thursday to Sunday, from 10h to 21h.


On Wednesday, the Crown corporation announced that it would open again on Wednesday as three of its twelve branches across the province, including two in Quebec city.

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“At Rosemont, there have been cuts to hours, but the employees are heard to say that instead of 40 hours, each one will be 30 hours per week to maintain his position while waiting for the business to resume,” says Antonio Filato, president of the provincial council of the UFCW.

“There are also people who have left of course for other companies and they have not been replaced. They don’t necessarily leave because they had no time. Some have had opportunities because of the shortage of manpower,” he continued.

In an e-mail at the end of the day, the spokesperson of the SQDC has confirmed that his organization had indeed adjusted the working hours of employees according to the opening hours of the branches. “Part-time employees being more affected by this measure”, said Mr. Giguère.

In the month of October, the president of the FTQ; and Daniel Boyer, was also concerned about the impact on workers of the modification of the hours of opening of shops.

He was also bothered by the fact that the problem of supply was expected to last several more months. What has never hidden the direction of the SQDC.


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