Small self-defence course with Zombie Kidz Evolution

Petit cours d’autodéfense avec Zombie Kidz Évolution

CHRONIC — WHOSE TURN IS IT? / As the name indicates, Zombie Kidz Evolution is a game of zombies for the kids… which has the particularity of being scalable, that is to say, become more complex slowly, as the players progress in their learning rules.

Not only is this friendly attention to allow hunters zombie to tame-by-step the mechanics of the game and its tactics, but it creates an excitement related to a series of sealed envelopes, in which the young players, after a few parties, shall have the right to go and look for items that will improve the game… and in particular new skills for their heroes.

Was this because we tested this game at the beginning of the Christmas period ? It was felt, in the irrepressible desire to “unpack” these envelopes, the same excitement that itches children when they are placed in front of a christmas tree trimmed with presents.


Despite its thematic borrowing from a genre of thrillers in essence, this cooperative game has absolutely nothing scary : the editor – Scorpion hidden, a box montreal in expansion – has focused on illustrations ultra-cute, trendy cartoon of modern construction.

Each player (4 maximum) takes a “heroes” : characters of children. The group will have to clean up her school by getting rid of the undead that reside here. As if by chance, the zombies are all teachers ! The idea, simple and effective, to operate at full speed.

Not survivalism stressful or violence wild. Not of life nor of bloodshed. And no weapons other than the skateboard or the gun in water. And again, it does not actually use these weapons, which are only there to serve as illustrations. In short, the very idea of death is frôlée, but relegated to something very conceptual : small cards “zombie” are (proper and) simply removed from the board. To destroy a zombie (or two, maximum), it is enough to bring his token on the space where the ghastly undead.

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Petit cours d’autodéfense avec Zombie Kidz Évolution

Martin Roy, The Right

Please note that we do not win in zigouillant the zombies, but by putting the school in safety, since the objective of victory is to place a big lock on each of the four doors located at the ends of the game board. But for this it is necessary that the two players find themselves together on the box, where are these four issues.

It is a cooperative game. The group is eliminated when it loses control of the infestation. The invasion is not immediate, but quite fast : it is better not to wait, and not saving the zombies, because as soon as the three rotten end up on the same box, players no longer have access to the premises, and will lose time to work around the area to fulfill their goal.

Quick and easy

Zombie Kids Evolution of tactical concepts relatively easy, and gameplay that is immediate (a 6 years old child will understand all the rules in less than two minutes ; after two rounds, he will have acquired some reflexes tactics basic), but also on the dynamic mechanical and fluid. In 15 seconds approximately, a player should have finished the three gestures that make up its tour of game : a throw of the dice determining the emergence of a new “villain” in the school (a six-faced dice, in which different colors correspond to the colors of the areas of the school) ; the movement of his “hero” (of a check) ; and its “action” (primarily the elimination of zombies where it is located).

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A tour is therefore ultra fast. A kid, even ADHD, will barely have time to yawn that already turn of the game is up. And a game ends in less than 10 minutes.

Of course, it will sometimes need to retain the rate of fire to communicate in order to strategically coordinate the movements of the players, so as to maximize the attack damage.

Long-term adventure

But, even more than its great accessibility, it is especially the aspect of “progressive” Zombie Kidz Evolution , which allows him to win instantly the accession of the young players. They will immediately have the impression of carrying out an “adventure” in the long term, because the designers – very inspired by the current trend of “ Legacy “of the industry, which allows to enrich the same game in different ways, on the mode of the “campaign” in the long course – have planned a series of bonus items that will be added gradually, and that will complicate a little at the rules.

Each time you finish a game (whether won or lost), it gains the right to affix a sticker “trophy” on a score sheet.

Glued in the booklet of victory, these stickers are also used to testify that it was accomplished “missions” special, like win a game with four or win the game by having wiped out all of the zombies.

After a few parties, one reaches the right to open the first of the twelve sealed envelopes that contains the box.

In these envelopes, and mysteries, you will find, for example, a new skill for the hero (accompanied by amendments to rules that relate to them), or they will fall on the zombies more tough to incorporate into future parties. Or items such as new sets of missions. We will say no more, in order not to spoil the fun of the surprise.

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What is certain is that, for young people, the pleasure resides as much in the game itself than in the fact to see his “collection” of stickers progressing “slowly” until the envelope follows, in his décachetage, and in the pride of being able to use the new powers.

In short, a concept very clever for a game is probably a little ” masculine “, but visually attractive (the approach is very effective, from a marketing perspective !)

Petit cours d’autodéfense avec Zombie Kidz Évolution

Martin Roy, The Right

Zombie Kidz Evolution is a redesign modernized Zombie Kidz, first published in 2013.



Chance : 3/6

Strategy : 1/6 (evolutionary)

Fun : 4/6

Difficulty : 1/6 (evolutionary)

Aesthetics : 4/6


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