The body Fillactive will be implanted elsewhere in Canada

L’organisme Fillactive s’implantera ailleurs au Canada

MONTREAL — The body Fillactive, which seeks to deter the girls to abandon the sport in the teenage years, is expanding.

At the end of a campaign of one-year funding which has allowed him to amass $ 11 million, the organization now has a strong enough to gain a foothold in the new provinces.

The president and founder of Fillactive, Claudine Labelle, is pleased to see his project mature.

His expertise has been sought in British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Alberta, where five to ten schools will be added this year to the 280 institutions already operating in Quebec and Ontario.

Olympic athletes will take part in tour of introduction to these new participating schools, in particular, to respond to what Claudine Labelle describes as a “lack of models” assets for young girls.

Between the ages of 12 and 17 years, they lose confidence in themselves and in their motor skills, she says. According to Fillactive, nine girls out of ten do not not meet canadian standards in the area of physical activity at the end of their journey at secondary school.

Claudine Labelle as she describes herself as “completely stalled” during this period of his life, despite having “had the sting of physical activity at a young age”.

Today, it is the aim not to train medallists for the olympic games, but many girls who take pleasure in moving for the rest of their days.

To do this, she put on the girls who already like the sport, in order to cause a certain effect in the framework of the implementation of a training programme of a duration of eight to ten weeks.

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This program, initiated in partnership with schools, can be customized by teachers, in a spirit of camaraderie and not competition, and culminates in a course festive five to ten kilometres.

“There’s no timing, there is no ranking. Bring in the girls to encourage them, argues Claudine Labelle. This type of event goes far beyond the matter of moving.”


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