The elders, a market of choice for the techno

Les aînés, un marché de choix pour la techno

LAS VEGAS — Rozanne Hird, 67 years, is excited about the virtual reality helmet that it comes to test in the aisles of the Consumer Electronics Show (ces) in Las Vegas: “This is awesome, I’ve seen the Sydney opera house and the pyramids of Egypt!”

Devices, hearing bracelets that measure heart beats, devices anti-fall, medical consultations, virtual box connected… The THESE is full of inventions for the elderly to help them remain independent as long as possible : the aging of the population provides a massive market in the technology sector.

The virtual reality platform Alcove VR tested by Rozanne Hird can control several helmets, so “a whole group of people can see the pyramids and interact and not be isolated,” continues, all smiles, the sexagenarian, who teaches computer to seniors in Arizona for 26 years.

It “helps to fight against the social isolation” that frequently affects the elderly, confirms Nigel Smith, in charge of Innovation Labs within the american Association of retired people AARP (38 million members), come to present to THESE products of high technology dedicated to the seniors, whose Alcove VR.

“Do not be afraid!”

“The demographic changes are huge and is accelerating : every day, more than 10,000 people reach the age of 65 years” in the United States, ” said Nigel Smith, noting all of the “challenges and opportunities” it creates.

“Artificial intelligence, connected objects have a usefulness very concrete,” he says.

The Innovation Labs has also invested in Pillo, a pill intelligent in the eyes round which delivers at a fixed time, in a small pot, drugs to take, among other features.

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With a camera with face recognition, it identifies the patient and can send an alert on the phone of his loved ones if it detects a problem, ” says Paige Baeder, the young company Pillo Health, who is said to have elapsed 2500 devices in a few weeks.

Between 2000 and 2050, the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years will be increased from approximately 11 % to 22 %, from 605 million to two billion people, according to the world Health Organization (WHO). As for the 80 years or more, they are expected to nearly quadruple, to reach 395 million in 2050, according to the WHO.

The market of seniors, known as the “silver economy”, is promised to an exponential growth.

Les aînés, un marché de choix pour la techno

Innovation Labs has created Pillo, a pill intelligent in the eyes round which delivers at a fixed time, in a small pot, the drugs take over.

AFP, Robyn Beck

The shoe anti-fall

The French E-vone present at THESE “the first shoe connected to the detection of falls”, which “automatically alerts her family, her carers, to be able to pick up as quickly as possible,” the person thanks to an alert system located by GPS, ” explains Franck Chérel, president of E-vone, which belongs to the group Eram.

Once the alert has been given, the shoe vibrates to inform the user fell to the ground.

“Inside, there are sensors that will monitor continuously the activity of the person and the algorithm is able to detect if there is something wrong” with artificial intelligence that can identify an acceleration or a rotation unusual, ” continues M. Chérel, which offers slippers, sneakers and dress shoes.

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As for the american InControl Medical, its device weight localized must “heal the urinary and fecal incontinence by strengthening the pelvic floor and in calming the detrusor muscle”, located on the wall of the bladder.

But the technological tools for this population face some obstacles, such as the cost.

If it is necessary to count for example $ 500 and a subscription of $ 40 per month for the Pillo, Nigel Smith, AARP believes, however, that the concern of the cost of the technology will “solve itself” as people adopt it, the mass market, allowing the industry to reduce its prices.

As to the distrust of older people toward technology, he points out that it is less large than one might think. “The adoption rate of the technology in more than 50 years, for example, tablets, is better than what we thought. So we hope that all the new objects, which disturb them a little, will also be adopted”, he says, adding that more young people can help their grandparents to familiarize themselves with the technology.

Seniors, which she teaches computer science, Rozanne Hird advises : “Do not be afraid, do not be intimidated! Think of it as new toys!”.


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