The Ottawa Hospital opens up horizons for eastern ontario

L’Hôpital d’Ottawa ouvre des horizons pour l’Est ontarien

The pilot project of remote monitoring of the home for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the Ottawa Hospital allows patients to receive more care at home. In place since October 2018, this program could broaden its horizons and be offered to patients in eastern ontario.

For a little more than three months, the patients who have been treated at the Ottawa Hospital for a disease that clogs the lungs of chronically no longer need to return regularly to the emergency to get care.

Thanks to a small portable machine, a patient can know his blood pressure and the amount of oxygen in the blood. If it is not going well, or if his vital signs fluctuate, the nurse in the hospital is informed immediately and can give him or her directions by phone.

The nurse practitioner can also write prescriptions to patients, and is in constant communication with specialists relevant to the case, both with the doctors and with the pharmacists, says the clinical director and is responsible for communications with the patients with COPD, Sherry Daigle. “It’s a wonderful program,” she said. The remote function has really helped to open opportunities to people who do not always have the opportunity to physically go to appointments. ”

The Network of local health integration (LHIN) Champlain has provided one-time funding of $ 100,000 for this pilot project. It will assess the viability of the program, when it will be completed in April 2019.

Ms. Daigle said that he hoped that this project continues to expand in the surrounding regions. “If the pilot project gets additional funding, we would really like to be able to expand in eastern ontario. ”

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Diseases of the heart

This program is not new to the Ottawa Hospital. Monitors of home telemonitoring has been developed by the Institute of cardiology of the University of Ottawa, and are already being used for patients with cardiac disorders.

Since these have begun to make use of remote monitors, readmission rate after 30 days in the hospital has decreased by 54 %. “We have seized the opportunity to strengthen an existing program and successful home telemonitoring of people with chronic heart failure (…). It was logical to extend this successful approach to caring for people with COPD in our region, ” observes the senior specialist, integration at Champlain LHIN, Leah Bartlett.

Several admissions to the emergency room and require a hospital bed. Ms. Daigle argues that the program of remote monitoring of the home allows the reduction of the use of these beds. The savings specific to the program will only be available at the end of the pilot project. However, ” until now, the indications are that the results are really positive for the Ottawa Hospital “.


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