The school of the Horse-White officially inaugurated

L’école du Cheval-Blanc officiellement inaugurée

Open since the beginning of the school year, the new school of Cheval-Blanc has been officially inaugurated on Monday.

The provincial election campaign-triggered by the end of the month of August, the Commission scolaire des Draveurs (CSD) has waited for the election of the new government to invite elected officials to attend the event.

It is a rare school is built on three floors which has been unveiled to the public on Monday. The president of the CSD, Claude Beaulieu, explained that the building height was necessary due to the scarcity of spaces to accommodate new schools.

Mr. Beaulieu also points out that this is a building that stands out due to its brightness because of the large windows found in most classrooms.

The minister responsible for the Outaouais region, Mathieu Lacombe, has also said that he was impressed by the beauty of the premises. He also stressed that his government intends to invest in québec schools during the next term.

“A beautiful facility, it is conducive to learning. To know that students are going to attend such a beautiful school, it makes me very optimistic, ” said Mr. Lacombe about the school of the Cheval-Blanc. I think that our schools and our education system is lack of love. I think that the success of our children, it is a priority of the government of Quebec, now. I think we can just do better.”

If the plot forced the architects to draw a school a little different from the others, its location was well worth the coup, according to the president of the CSD. It is about 70% of the students who are considered walkers, so, who live within a radius of 1.2 km from the school. “It was a big challenge because, in the spatial plans of the municipalities, there is not always space for the schools. Here, the municipality has agreed to assign to us a park to build the school.”

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“I think we have here a good example of this type of school district,” adds the minister Mathieu Lacombe.


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