The sports Museum needs to relocate

Le Musée des sports doit déménager

The sports Museum of Gatineau was again in search of a room to exhibit its collection. The organization has learned, in the days following the vote of the city council to protect the Neighborhood-the-Museum, at the end of August, that the lease with Brigil, at 61, rue Laurier, which ended on 15 September, was not renewed.

“It was visibly part of the proponent’s plans, says the president of the museum, Jean-Claude Trottier. This is not a museum about her project, what are the towers. He decided to do something else to this place after the negative response of the City of Gatineau. ”

The sports Museum of Gatineau exposed its artifacts in the basement of the church of Notre-Dame-de-l’île since 2014. The company Brigil has approached the organization in 2017 to offer him free of charge the premises on Laurier avenue, just in front of the canadian Museum of history. “We have been there for a year,” notes Mr. Trottier. We had more than 2000 visitors this summer. It is a lot for us. It was the perfect place. However, we have had to remove all our belongings and store them elsewhere. ”

A portion of the artifacts and documentation in the possession of the museum is housed in a municipal building, and another part in the basement of a building in Hammond, near Ottawa. The sports Museum has a hundred boxes of documents and nearly 10,000 artifacts.

The owner of Brigil, Gilles Desjardins, says that the building which housed the Museum of sports will eventually become a currency of presentation for all the company’s projects in the area of the federal capital. “I would also like a small café-bistro is housed, it may be interesting for a trader,” he says.

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Mr. Desjardins remains confident that its courses on Laurier street must accommodate the project peoples ‘ Place, and a luxury hotel. “We will be patient,” he said. I have several other projects, I’m very busy in Ottawa. “His company has paid out a survey to know the opinion of the population of Gatineau in the aftermath of the vote on the protection of the Area of the Museum. The business man says that the population is “very in favor” of the proposed towers. He added that he did not, however, intend, for the moment, to publish the results of the survey that he is conducting.

About the sports Museum, the search for a new local must exceed the boundaries of Gatineau, ” said Mr. Trottier. This last has approached to Vision multisports Outaouais for probing the interest of the organization to host the exhibition in the new Guertin. The same thing will be made with the business man Steve Mayer, which includes the construction of a sports centre, a private $ 20 million on the boulevard Maloney in Gatineau. Meetings are also planned with the municipalities of Montebello and Saint-André-Avellin, ” said Mr. Trottier.


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